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About Petit Sejour

In our travels, whether we wanted to visit a town for a few days or when we needed to stay for longer work periods, we had the opportunity to compare the different types of accommodations usually available.

A hotel, despite having a convenient location, does not always provides a relaxing space. It is nice to be able to leave and enjoy town, but it is also good to return to ones “home away from home” and have the option to relax in a less 'artificial' environment for a tea or lunch to one's own taste. Even in apart-hotels are not complete enough to give us that 'at home' atmosphere. The maintenance is generally not careful, and one has to resort to the high-end. Something always seems to be lacking.

That is why with Petit Séjour, taking from our professional experience, we want to offer you the alternative of staying in apartments managed by the owners with excellent location, welcoming, comfortable and at affordable prices so that you can live the city 'from within'.

Livia & Bruno

Petit Séjour

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